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Special Training
Learn New Scissors Cutting Techniques
Using Double and Triple Scissors
Learn from our hair stylist to the stars of Hollywood

Learn How To Improve Your Hair Cutting And Styling                                 

Nowadays, hairdressers use a variety of techniques and tools to make hair appear thicker, fuller, straighter or curlier - to achieve the desired effect. 

The Double Scissors and Triple Scissors are now being used to help the stylist dramatically improve hair styling results.

This is achieved by combining the many traditional hair cutting techniques into one operation when using Double or Triple Scissors.

Learn the Triple and Double Scissors cutting techniques

Learn from the Stylist
To The Stars.

Here are the various traditional cutting methods that can be combined into one operation using Double or Triple Scissors:
    Blunt Hair Cutting
    Slide cutting


You can now receive the training that enables you to dramatically improve your hair cutting and styling techniques using Double and Triple Scissors.

Class instructions are provided at our facility in San Luis Obispo, California.

Our basic class requires only 2 to 3 hours of instruction and includes practical demonstrations.

Our standard rate is $50 per hour per student, maximum of 2 students per class.

To obtain more information and schedule your training, please contact Robert at the following:

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