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CityNation has created, published, and sold advertising in our own publications, franchised our publications, and created specialized publications for over 30 years.

We help you build a National Sales Team for your Products and Services. There is no cost to you. We even pay the Sales Reps that are on your Sales Team. Contact CityNation NOW to learn how you can grow your business to the next level, Totally Free.

Join CityNation-Advertising as a Corporate Sales Manager. This is one of the highest paid Direct Sales position in the country.

What's so amazing. is that you are NOT selling anything - you are giving away our complete "BUZZ Marketing System" Totally Free. And, you are helping the  corporations build their own Local, Regional, or National Sales Team, Totally Free..

We offer the following opportunities:
--- Build a Local or National Sales Team for your Products, Totally Free
Premium Advertising Packages for your Businesses
--- Join CityNation as a Corporate Sales Manager
--- Join CityNation as a Local Sales Manager
--- Home Based Advertising Business Opportunity, Totally Free

You can also sell your own Products and Services to the local businesses using our powerful BUZZ Marketing System.

Everything is furnished to you Totally Free.

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