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Insurance Brokers and Agents

NOW - Get Unlimited Leads,
Appointments, and Sales for your Insurance


The Best Marketing System
for Insurance Brokers and Agents

Furnished Totally Free

Insurance Brokers and Agents

Get this powerful CityNation "BUZZ Marketing System" for In Totally Free

--- Provides Unlimited Leads, Appointments and Sales for your insurance

--- Earns you additional Extra Income from this "Marketing System"

--- Builds a Local or Nation-Wide Sales Force for you.

--- Provides a systematic procedure for selling insurance.

--- Other Agents will want to join and work for you

      --- Because they too can get unlimited Leads, Appointments, and Sales.

      --- And, they too would earn additional Extra Income from this "Marketing System"

NOW - This makes it so much easier and quicker to sell Insurance.

This will Increase Your
Insurance Appointments, Sales, and Income

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Your Insurance Agents will learn our World-Class step-by-step procedure for selling. They will learn how to quickly qualify the prospect, gain their trust, identify their concerns, answer their questions, and follow the automatic presentation that closes the sale.

This Process encourages the Prospect to interact with the Insurance Agent and talk about their business, plans, and goals. Creates a great bonding experience. And, you will be able to achieve this with any kind of business, large or small.

CityNation "BUZZ Marketing System" for Insurance Brokers and Agents
Totally Free

This is the ONLY Marketing System for Insurance Brokers and Agents

that provides a systematic method of selling, full set of marketing and sales material, training, instructions, and continuous support services. Enables you to build a local and nation-wide Sales Force and provides our World-Class BUZZ Marketing System. Plus, you can include and sell your own product and services. Everything is furnished to you Totally Free.

You Donít Pay Us Ė We Pay You

This is a New GAME CHANGER
for Selling Your Insurance

CityNation-Advertising has developed this World-Class system of selling any product or service to local businesses. Our CityNation BUZZ Marketing System will help you sell more insurance. You will be able to automatically obtain unlimited Leads, Appointment, and Sales of your Insurance Products.

And. you will be able to make quick introductions and sales presentations to business owners and managers. And, even obtain good referrals.

 During this Corona-virus Time
Insurance Brokers

Now is the best time to
start using this CityNation "BUZZ Marketing System"
to build your Sales Force and get all the training you need
to immediately BLAST-OFF when all the businesses come back.
The "BUZZ Marketing System" also provides an
Extra Income to the Insurance Brokers and Agents.

The Basics

Selling Insurance is all about finding the prospect, engaging the prospect, and gaining their trust.

Now, you can sell your insurance to hundreds of local businesses - the easy way.

Our BUZZ Marketing System quickly makes appointments, engages the prospect, and gains their trust. You talk about their business goals and ways to improve and grow their business. This provides the best time to talk about your insurance benefits.

Your Special Advantage

You use our Automatic Sales Presentation which builds the trust while you are talking about their business, advertising, and goals.

You follow our World-Class 7 step-by-step selling procedure, and just turn the pages of your Sales Presentation.

Many studies have shown that if they were ever thinking of any kind of insurance or advertising during the last 12 months, they will definitely now give you their most serious consideration.

And, with the many Free and Bonus Advertisements that you will offer - this builds the trust that enables you to easily talk about your insurance.

Should they purchase the advertising, both the Insurance Broker and the Agent receive a good percentage of the sale.

Whether they purchase the advertising or not, you have gained their trust and bonded with the prospect. This provides the friendly basis for you to talk about your insurance and to also make later visits to see them.

Your presentation of our Advertising Service is not a hard-sell method - it is the vehicle for you to quickly build trust, friendship, and bonding - which helps you sell your insurance.

Build a Local and Nation-Wide Sales Team
With the Help from CityNation

Your Local Sales Team will obtain Leads and Appointments for your insurance.

Your Nation-Wide Sales Team will earn you a very substantial monthly income from their advertising sales.

There is no other Marketing System
as good as this
for selling insurance

Try It Now
And You Will Never Go Back

Most important, this provides a "New System" for selling your Insurance.
And, you can actually schedule the time and place for prospecting.

Further, this is a proven selling system that works on any product or service.

For Insurance Brokers, this provides a systematic process for prospecting - that will definitely improve your management of the sales Agents.

IMPORTANT. More Insurance Agents will now want to work for you - because:

--- They will also get unlimited Leads, Appointments, and sales of insurance.

--- They can also start their own Local or Nation-Wide Sales Force.

--- They would also earn additional Extra Income from their Sales Force.

--- They could also obtain Profit Sharing.

--- Everything is provided to you  Totally Free.

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You Donít Pay Us Ė We Pay You

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