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Insurance Brokers and Agents

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"CityNation BUZZ Marketing System"
Totally Free

The Only Premium Marketing System
for Your Business

You Don’t Pay Us – We Pay You

Brokers and Agents

Get this powerful "BUZZ Marketing System" Totally Free

Provides Unlimited Leads, Appointments and Sales

Earns you additional Extra Income from this "Marketing System"

Builds a Local or Nation-Wide Sales Force for you.

Doubles your Insurance Sales.

Other Agents will want to join and work for you

      ▪ Because they too can get unlimited Leads, Appointments, and Sales.

      ▪ And, they also earn additional Extra Income from this "Marketing System"

NOW - this makes it so much easier and quicker to sell Insurance

This will Increase Your
Insurance Appointments, Sales, and Income

Within 30 Days

One of the most important features of the CityNation BUZZ Marketing System is that your Insurance Agents will learn this World-Class step-by-step procedure for selling. They will learn how to qualify the prospect, gain their confidence, identify their concerns, answer their questions, and follow a presentation that closes the sale.

This Process encourages the Prospect to immediately interact with you and talk about their business, plans, and goals. A great bonding experience. And, you can achieve this with any kind of business, large or small.

Complete Home-Based Business Opportunity
"BUZZ Marketing System" for Insurance Brokers and Agents
Totally Free

This is the ONLY franchise type business in the USA

that provides a systematic method of selling, full set of marketing and sales material, training and instructions, continuous support services, enables a local and nation-wide Sales Force, includes the products to sell, provides a World-Class BUZZ Marketing System, and you can include and sell your own product and services – all furnished to you Totally Free.

You Don’t Pay Us – We Pay You.

Provides a
GAME CHANGER "Marketing System"
for Selling Insurance

CityNation-Advertising has developed this World-Class system of selling any product or service to business owners and managers. Our CityNation BUZZ Marketing System will help you sell more insurance. You will be able to obtain unlimited Leads, Appointment, and Sales of your Insurance Products - automatically.

You will be able to make quick introductions to business owners and managers. And, be able to obtain meetings to discuss your Insurance Products and services. And, even obtain referrals, regardless if they purchase insurance.

Plus, Give This
Special Bonus, FREE
to every Prospect

As a Bonus, you can offer a Full-Page Online Premium Advertisement, Totally Free, to every business that obtains insurance from you. This Free Bonus is provided when they purchase any advertising service from CityNation-Advertising. This is a customized full-page Premium Advertisement that will be published for 12 months, Free.

Meeting the Prospects

Our CityNation BUZZ Marketing System enables Insurance Agents to easily cold call (telephone or visit the business) and quickly make an appointment with the owner or manager.

During the appointment, the Insurance Agent follows our World-Class selling process.

By quickly qualifying the prospect, you will know if you should continue with the selling process. If they are qualified, you discuss how the CityNation Advertising Service helps their business and provides more Free advertising than any other publisher. And, you will discuss your Insurance Products and Services.

Your Special Advantage

You first talk about their Advertising. This opens the door to discussing their business operation, goals, and growing their business.

You follow our World-Class 7 step-by-step procedure, including the presentation.

Generally, if they were ever thinking of any kind of insurance or advertising service during the last 12 months, they would definitely now give you their most serious consideration. And, with the many Free and Bonus Advertisements that you are offering to the Prospect - this provides the best opportunity for you to close the insurance deal. 

Whether they purchased or not, you have made a friend and you both got to know each other. This provides the friendly basis for referrals and potential sales in the future

Try It Now
And You Will Never Go Back

Most important, this provides a "New System" of selling Insurance.
And, you can actually schedule the time and place for prospecting.

Further, this is a proven selling system that works on any product or service.

For Insurance Brokers, this provides a systematic process for prospecting - that will definitely improve your management of your sales Agents.

Plus, more Insurance Agents will want to work for you - because:

(1) They will also get unlimited Leads, Appointments, and sales of insurance.

(2) They can also start their own Local or Nation-Wide Sales Force.

(3) They would also earn additional Extra Income from their Sales Force – all furnished Totally Free.

(4) They could also earn obtain Profit Sharing.

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You Don’t Pay Us – We Pay You


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