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As a Local Marketing Representative, you visit local businesses of every type and offer our a full-page advertising Totally Free just to introduce the business to you and CityNation-Advertising. During the discussion, you also talk about the Premium Subscription Advertising that they can obtain during the current Special Bonus time. Each month we provide a different Special Bonus.

You meet interesting people and it can be a lot of fun. When you start, you pass out the Coupon for a Free Full-Page Advertisement that is published and runs on the Internet for 90 days. And, you sit with the business manager and both of you work out the layout of the Advertisement.

You get to know all kinds of businesses. This is a very valuable experience.

We furnish a website for you to use and provide Training and Support Services.

You can also offer your own Social Media Services or other products and services to the businesses. This will provide an additional income for you.

You can work any time you want, your own desired hours and days from home or school, part time or full time.

And, you can continue as long as you want. You can even Keep Your Day Job and do this in your spare time.

You can also convert this job into a National Marketing & Sales Business at no cost to you. We will help you.

There is no cost to you. We provide everything to you Totally Free.

Make More Money

You can also become a National Marketing & Sales Team Recruiter-Manager and earn more money.

How to get started

Just fill out the form to get started. We will send you more information and phone you to answer all your questions and help you get started.

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Sharon Currie
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