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FREE Business Opportunities
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Beauty & Spa Salon
Marketing Program
FREE Sales Representatives
--- That Promote Your Salon & Spa ---
Dealership Opportunities


The Best
Beauty and Spa Salon Marketing Program
On This Planet

     Brings you more customers, every month, every year, for as long as you want.

    Provides a BIG Second Income (no work involved, it earns you money automatically)

     Each Worker can join this Beauty & Spa Marketing Program.

   Unlimited FREE Sales Representatives to promote you.

   You decide and control how many new customers you want.

   Also includes plenty of Online Advertising and Promotions
       for a Full Year.

Versions of the
    Beauty and Spa Salon Marketing Program

Budget Version - Under $5 per day ($140 per month)   

You get 2 Sales Representatives, 1-Full-Page Premium Advertising published
for 1-year, an On-Call Basic Business Consultant Service, and a
Basic Second Income Program.

Premium Version
Under $10 per day ($280 per month)   

You get Unlimited Sales Reps, Website, 3-Full-Page Premium Advertisements for 1-year, On-Call Business Consultant Service, a Coupon and Contest Marketing Program, and 30-days Blast of FREE Promotions,
Plus, you become a Dealer - that provides a monthly Residual Income to you, automatically (No work involved). 

How It Works

1. First, learn more on the next page.

2. Than, go to the Order Page

3. Select Premium Version or Budget Version.

4. Takes you to for payment.

6. You receive  basic information to get started.

7. Next business day, CityNation Business Consultant will phone you

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