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Dealers Wanted

Publishing & Advertising

Become a Dealer for CityNation
You Receive a Complete

Marketing Business Opportunity, Totally FREE

Sales Reps Wanted

You Get Teams of Sales Reps - All Making You Money

You receive the complete Marketing Business Opportunity, Totally FREE.

This includes:

The CityNation BUZZ Marketing System.
Dealership for our complete Advertising & Marketing Campaigns.
The Training, Marketing Material, Sales Methods and Procedures, and continuous Training and Support Services. Everything you need to be successful.

And, you receive the on-going Guidance and Coaching from CityNation.

This business opportunity was developed based on one of our similar Franchise business Opportunities/ Except, this Marketing Business Opportunity includes more market and sales material plus the continuous Training, Support Services, Guidance, and Coaching.

Thus, this Marketing Business Opportunity is 100% better than any Franchise Business will ever be.
Because you receive these 4 Extra Benefits that are Not Provided by any Franchise Business.
1) This unique BUZZ Marketing System.
2) The continuous Training and Support Services.
3) No Royalty Fees.

4) Furnished Totally FREE.

And, this business is very easy to operate and manage.

You just Pass Out Flyers to local businesses and Explain the Advertising and Marketing Campaigns

CityNation will set you up as a CityNation Dealer.

And, provide you a complete high-profit Marketing Business Opportunity, Totally FREE.

As our Dealer, you offer local businesses a complete One-Year Advertising & Marketing Campaign.

Which includes Full-Page advertisements and a Local Sales Team, a Regional Sales Team, and a Nation-Wide Sales Team – Totally FREE.

The local businesses that you visit and talk to will be astonished to hear that all of this is FREE..

And, they will ask you:

Are you really offering me a complete One-Year Advertising & Marketing Campaign, with 3 Sales Teams – FREE?”

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And, CityNation will also pay you money as a percentage of our sales.

Plus, the owner or manager of your business will be able to get a leased new car, of their choice, Totally FREE, every year.

You are about to have your own unique Sales Organization that will work for you Totally FREE – for as long as you want.

And, they will promote your business and sell your products wherever you want. Locally, Regionally, and Nation-Wide.

With this Marketing Program, you are about to start expanding your business, Big Time - Totally FREE.

And, you can join Right Now.


Question to You: Is this the kind of Home-Based Business you want to obtain?

Helping local small businesses survive and even grow to the next level and way beyond, Totally FREE?

And, you supervise Sales Teams that earn you a Great Income?

And, With This Business
You could semi-retire in one-year
And, live anywhere you want
with an excellent monthly income
from your Sales Teams

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