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A day in the life of a

 Listen to Mary Dornley about her Day in the Life of a CityNation Qualified Marketing Dealer.

 It’s Monday. Time to get up and go to work. The first thing that I do after eating my breakfast, is to go into my home-office and do my Monday Thing.

Hi, I am Mary Dornley. CityNation Publishing asked me to tell my story about being a qualified CityNation Marketing Dealer. So, here goes.

I start at 9am and I look at my list of customers and active prospects that I am scheduled to phone today. Generally, that ranges around 10 to 15 calls or emails on a Monday.

For my existing customers, there usually are just miner things to talk about. Usually, we talk about a new advertising campaign or a new Flyer which may be considered. Sometimes, it’s just a minor change to their advertising. But, more often we talk about their Sales Teams, and the status of what’s going on and how can we help.

For my prospects, it’s all over the place. Sometimes it’s new prospects and my first discussion with them. In this case, I give them the standard Presentation. This involves reading the Script that CityNation provides. Of course, I change it a little bit for the style that is me.

However, mostly I phone them to follow-up a prior Presentation or a discussion that I previously had with them. Usually, it is about how they can get the One-Year Advertising & Marketing Campaign for their business.

By now, it’s usually time for lunch. After my lunch on Mondays, I visit existing customers that need attention and I cold-call on local businesses to prospect and get new customers.

But, before I go out and start visiting the businesses, I look at the list of businesses for me to visit. And, I look at the map. I then make a Route of who to see first, second, and so on. Then, I gather up the things that I need, and go out visiting.

I usually work from 9am to 3pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Sometimes a half day on Saturday. And, I take the same holidays off as everybody else does.

Background to my visiting local businesses

I have been running this Advertising and Marketing Business for about a year now. I like it. And, I am still building up my income to my next income- target. To me, I am already making more money than I have ever made in my life. I am almost right at my next target level of money.

After I first got started and obtained a few customers, my wife and I talked about my new business. What we discovered was that I am creating my own community of businesses.

I had created my own Territory where I visit the businesses. And, we have become close friends with most of the businesses.

We are starting a circle of friends. The amazing part is that some of the businesses, when they go to business meetings, they talk about me. And suddenly, I get new customers from them.

Plus, my kids go to the same school that their kids are going to. So, we created closer friendships

And, my new community of business friends – has boundaries. We all talk to each other. Because I tell everyone who my customers are. And, they all get to know each other, if not already.

The result is that, when I go out to work – it’s not really work. I am going out to actually help my business friends grow their business. And, I have become a valuable friend to them.

I have created a community of friends – and we are all helping each other.

Let me tell you about my customers

The CityNation Advertising & Marketing Campaign includes a FREE Local Sales Team, FREE Regional Sales Team, and a FREE Nation-Wide Sale Team.

CityNation pays all the customer’s Sales Reps and Trains them.

I get paid a Residual Income every time their Sales Reps sell a Marketing Campaign. This brings me a lot more money, in addition to the money that I receive when I obtain a new Account.

CityNation also provides an option, whereby the customers can get paid a special Residual Income which will pay for all their advertising.

So now, the customer will get the entire One-Year Advertising & Marketing Campaign – Totally FREE, every year, for as long as they want.

Usually, the customer gets at least 3 Sales Reps during their first few months. And, they get more Sales Reps later on. It is my job to keep in touch with all of their Sales Reps.

This helps motivate them. Plus, they produce more sales when they know that they are part of a larger organization.

The result is that, my circle of friends and community of friends are now much larger. And, the word gets out – to all of the other businesses within my Territory.

The word - is that my community of business friends help each other. And, they all are getting a powerful One-Year Advertising & Marketing Campaign, year after year – Totally FREE.

So, it turns out – that it seems like I am getting more popular every day. Because, many of the businesses in my Territory contact me to join. And, I never even spoke to them.

Because, they too want to get the One-Year Advertising & Marketing Campaign, year after year – Totally FREE.

And, they contact me and ask to get started.

As for me, I would never imagine – that this business would be this good for me. Amazing.

Thank you and Good Luck,
Mary Dornley
Dealer, Independent Representative, CityNation Publishing. And, owner of Dornley Marketing Services.

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