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All over America today, millions of small retail businesses are struggling to survive.

But, it is too costly for these businesses to hire a marketing organization to help them survive and grow.

There has to be a way to help these businesses, bring in more customers and improve their sales.

Fortunately, there now is a new way, that will quickly start expanding their business, Totally FREE.

This is a new way of marketing, that will keep expanding your business for as long as you want, Totally FREE,


This is Jimmy, from the CityNation Advertising and Marketing Company.

If you own or manage a local small retail store.

We will help grow your business, to the next level and way beyond, Totally FREE.

So, please pay attention to what I am about to tell you.

Letís get started.

For starters, your business is going to get this powerful Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions! just like the big corporations use in their nation-wide marketing campaigns.

You will get a complete one-year, very powerful, Advertising and Marketing Campaign, Totally FREE.

This will include plenty of full-page advertisements, on the Internet.

These advertisements, will target and bring you exactly the type of customers, that you are looking for.

This will also include a Coupon System, for attracting more customers to your business.

And, provide monthly video contests, to bring in more new customers.

And, also provide Photo contests, to attract even more new customers.

Plus, you can start a Local Reporter Publication, that will promote your business, throughout your entire community.

All of this, will be provided to you, Totally FREE.

But, thatís just the beginning!

You are also going to get, a new Marketing System, that has never been offered before in America.

You are going to get, a Local Sales Team, Totally FREE.

And, get a Regional Sales Team, Totally FREE.

And, get a Nation-Wide Sales Team, Totally FREE.

Plus, most amazing, you can get as many Sales Reps, as you want.

All, Totally FREE!

These Sales Teams, will be promoting your business, and selling your products, Locally, Regionally, and Nation-Wide.

And most important, you are the Boss.

You will tell your Sales Teams, exactly what you want them to promote and sell

And, if you donít have something to sell Nation-Wide, we will help you get the answer.

But, you are not going to do this, all by yourself. 

CityNation, is going to provide professional, Business Consulting Services.

To help you, and to guide you, all the way.

So, to help you get started, our Business Consultant will contact you to explain everything and help you get started.

We will customize your one-year, Advertising and Marketing Campaign for your business, Totally FREE.

In addition, CityNation, will develop a ďPlan of Action,Ē for your One-Year of advertising, marketing, and promotions, that will quickly start growing your business.

But wait, there is more.

I am not finished telling you all of the things that you will get. Totally FREE.

The next item is a Big One!

CityNation, will actually pay you money.

So you can pay any of your expenses.

And, you will even have extra money, left over for yourself.

So, here is the best part!

Your Owner or Manager of the business, will be able to lease a new car every year, Totally FREE.

Thatís right!

Your Owner or Manager will get a new car, every year!

Now if that person, happens to be you!

You can start looking right now, for that new car, that you always wanted to own.

Because, you will be able to lease that car every year, Totally FREE.

I recommend that you get a nice, red convertible Mustang or Mercedes.

Because that new car, will now be available to you, when you sign up.

You will receive all of these things, Totally FREE.

And of course, you get the complete One-Year Advertising and Marketing Campaign.

Which is furnished to you, by the CityNation Advertising and Marketing Company.

Here is how to learn more and get started!

Just contact our local Representative.

Or go to our website, at

Thank you.

I will talk to you again.

As soon as you get started.

But wait!

I forgot to mention!

The greatest Bonus of all.

 If you start Right Now, you can, every year, continue to receive your Complete One-Year Advertising and Marketing Campaign, Totally FREE.

That includes, all pf your Sales Teams, and all your Advertisements, and your leased new car, every year, from now on, Totally FREE.

This is the best opportunity you will ever find for your business.

So, you need to get started, Right Now.

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