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Business Opportunities
Dealers Wanted
CityNation Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

This is a complete
Professional Marketing Business Opportunity
Furnished to you Totally FREE
Everything you need is included
Work your own desired hours, from home
Highly Profitable - Extremely Low Cost to Operate

Quick Summary

One-Year Advertising & Marketing Campaigns
You offer to local retail stores in your area.

CityNation does the design, production, and delivery.
You do the marketing and sales.
   ● You offer CityNation Advertising and Marketing Campaigns.
   ● To local Small Retail Businesses in your area..
   And/ explain how they can get everything Totally FREE.

You are paid:
   ● Signup Amount for each new Account you obtain.
   ● High Residual Income

CityNation-Advertising has developed a complete Advertising and Marketing System that will Automatically grow any Brick & Mortar Business to their next level and way beyond.

We call it the CityNation BUZZ Marketing System.

The first part of this amazing Advertising & Marketing System is our continuing and powerful one-year Advertising Campaign.

This continuous Advertising is sold at a nominal fee.

The second part of this amazing Marketing System includes a Local Sales Team, a Regional Sales Team, and a Nation-Wide Sales Team, which the customer can get - Totally FREE.

The most important part - CityNation provides an Option whereby the customer can also receive a Residual Income - that will pay for all of the advertising. And, have money left over.

This Residual Income enables the customer
to obtain the entire one-year
Advertising and Marketing Campaign
Totally FREE

In addition, the Residual Income can also pay for the annual lease of any desired car for the Owner or Manager of the business, Totally FREE.

About Your
Totally FREE
Marketing Business Opportunity

NOW, Get This Complete
Home-Based Marketing Business Opportunity, Totally FREE
Become a high-profit Dealer for our
Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

Work Any Time, your own desired hours

You just Pass Out Flyers to local businesses
and Explain the Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

CityNation will set you up as our Dealer.

And, provide you a complete high-profit Marketing Business Opportunity, Totally FREE.

And, when you are all set up in your new Marketing Business,
what are you going to sell?

You are going to offer local businesses full-page Premium Advertisements and 3 Sales Teams with unlimited Sales Reps in each Sales Team, Totally FREE.

Plus, the Manager of the business will get a leased new car every year, Totally Free.

So, you have to ask yourself,
"What business Manager would say 'No' to this deal?"

Your job is easy. You just  pass out Flyers that offer our FREE Advertising & Marketing Campaign to the local small retail businesses in your area.

We set you up in your own Marketing Business, Totally FREE. You receive the Training, Marketing Material, and ongoing Support Services.

CityNation will guide you on a variety of ways to achieve successful marketing.

There is no limit to the amount of money that you could earn.

Just One Account can earn you over $10,000 per year. And, if you really wanted to, you could learn how to obtain One Order per week (Do the income-per-year arithmetic, and you will be amazed).

The secret is simple: The more businesses you visit and offer this FREE Campaign, the more money you will make. Plus, you will learn our "Wholesale Selling" method that will earn you an extraordinary income.

This is an ideal Part-Time or Full-Time professional Marketing Business.

There is no selling. You just explain the Advertising & Marketing Campaigns.

We provide the Script for you to use for your Presentation.

We provide the Training, Instructions, and Marketing Material.

And, we provide continuous Support Services.

You obtain new Accounts for our Annual Advertising & Marketing Campaigns.

And, you provide simple supervision of the Sales Teams.

You offer to the Local Small Retail Businesses:
Annual Premium Full-Page Online Advertisements.
Local, Regional, and Nation-Wide Sales Teams.
Unlimited Sales Reps for each Sales Team.
   ● Which will bring new customers to their business.
   ● Every Week
   ● For years and years
   ● FREE.

The local businesses will want to talk to you

And, find out how you will help their business grow, Totally FREE.

You can work at your own desired time, from home.

The following Dealer Levels are available:

1. Pass out Flyers, Dealer - Earn up to $50,000/year.
     (No Sales Teams)

2. Advertising & Marketing Campaign, Dealer - Earn over $200,000/year.
    (Flyers and Sales Teams)

Qualifications for Dealership:

   One-year sales experience.

   Comfortable cold-calling on local businesses.

   Must learn our Products.


   Hard working.

   Must visit local businesses and talk to the Managers.

   Must provide simple supervision to the customerís Sales Reps.

How to get Qualified and start

1) Fill out the Apply Form at Click Here (goes to -

We will contact you and send you the Quick Training and Qualification Instructions, if you are approved.

2) Qualification Training. You must read all of the Training Instructions.

3) Survey. You visit local businesses for 1 or 2 days and
   ● Pass out the Flyer
   ● Conduct a Survey.
This involves learning the Script that we furnish to you and making the Survey.

4) Keep a record of each visit and send to CityNation a list of the businesses you visited, include their contact information, and the results of each visit.

5) CityNation will phone you to critique your Survey and to offer you one of the above 2 Home-Based Businesses, Totally FREE, if qualified.

When you successfully complete the above - You are Qualified.

6) CityNation will furnish the Marketing Business and Starter Kit and provide the Training, marketing material, and ongoing Support Services.

7) You send to CityNation a Weekly Status Report covering all the businesses that you contacted. And, you conduct regular interaction with CityNation for your Marketing Business. This effort enables you to receive the ongoing Training and Support Service.

We work as a Team. We take care of the production and you take care of the marketing and sales.

8) CityNation pays you the commissions and Residual Income for the sales obtained as described in the Dealership Agreement.

What would you do?
With $50,000 or $200,000 per Year

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