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Learn how to grow your
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This is the BEST

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CityNation pays your Sales Reps and Trains them to promote and sell your products.

Plus, if your business grosses less then $1MM per year, you become eligible to receive a monthly Residual Income that can pay for all of this Premium Advertising and Marketing Program .

Thus, all of this will not cost you any money. Instead, you will be earning extra money.



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Here is just part of the over 20 Best Ways that CityNation Promotes Your Business.

1) Local Sales Team, FREE.
    Promotes your business and products locally.

2) Regional Sales Team, FREE.
    Promotes your business and products in areas beyond your local area.

3) Nation-Wide Sales Team, FREE.
    Promotes your business and products nation-wide. If you do not have a product to sell, CityNation will help you.

4) Unlimited number of Sales Reps, FREE for each Sales Team.

5) Advertising and Promotional Website.
    Used for your Advertisements, Marketing, Sales Teams, hiring Sales Reps, and information for your Customers.

6) Promotional Blast.
    First 30 days, offer FREE advertisements to local businesses.

7) Provide FREE Business Advertisement Contests.


Best Marketing Program

Ever Created for Small Business

No other company

has ever provided all of this to any Business


Powerful. You get over 20 best ways to promote your business.

Unique. This has never been offered before, by any other company.

Forever. Specifically designed to grow any small retail business, continuously.

Amazing. You can receive Residual Income that would pay for everything.

Amazing. Get unlimited Sales Reps for each of your Sales Teams, Totally FREE.

WoW. CityNation pays your Sales Reps, and trains them to sell your products.

Cool. You can assign a Sales Rep to manage all of your Sales Teams, FREE.

Plus. You can renew this same Deal every year, for as often as you want.

Relax. This will put your business on Automatic Growth and expansion.

Yes. You are the Boss.

We Got You Covered. You receive Professional Business Consulting to help you keep growing your business, FREE.

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