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Open Letter to President Donald Trump – CityNation Publishing

Open Letter to President Donald Trump – CityNation Publishing

by Administrator on Nov 17, 2018 Current Events 1192 Views
Open Letter to President Donald Trump – CityNation Publishing

Dear Mr. President,

Regarding the Jim Acosta disruptions at the recent White House Press Conferences: Respectfully, something has to be done about it – and here is the best solution.

Reorganize the White House Press Conference. Currently, the conferences are run like we are still in the 50’s. They need to be brought into the 21st Century and the modern channels and methods of communication to the American people and to the world.

Expand the overall American representation at the conferences. Include a wider coverage of communicators and representatives, such as from industry, farmers, non-profits, diversity organizations, police, Governors, religions groups, foreign governments, and such. And, include communicators and publishers from video, radio, newspapers, magazines, and TV networks.

Attendees get only one question to ask.

All questions should be submitted in advance.

Change the small location to a larger one. So as to hold a much larger audience.

The conferences should be video-taped and sent (or, made available) to selected publishers and organizations.

Theme - At the end of each Conference, discuss a Theme, such as jobs, trade, borders, Iran, the economy, opioid epidemic, upcoming legislation, and such. And, open the floor to questions related the Theme.

Create and distribute rules, such as how to present a question, courtesy, behavior, and such. Violators will be promptly excused.

Publish – The White House should produce and distribute the official video of each Conference. Distribution should be made to selected groups and organizations, such as online commentators, TV companies, radio stations, magazines, and such. Special distributions should be made to other organizations, depending on the Theme of that day.

Result – More direct, diverse, and greater communications will be made to the America people and to the world. Thus, inaccurate and biased filtering and wild interpretations of your message will be significantly reduced. You will have set the new standard for Presidential Press Conferences. And, it will never go back - by any future president.

Name – Get rid of the “Press Conference” name. It will now be much bigger than just a “Good Ole Boy Club” called Press Conference. How does this sound? Call it, “A chat with the President.”

The basic structure of the Press Conference is an adversarial relationship. The Press Corps vs the President.

And nowadays, you have the “Good Ole Boys” reporters who think that their First Amendment Rights actually gives them more power than that of the President. Thus, the adversarial situation is worse.

The White House director of communications should reorganize the Press Conference – as described in this letter. Or, come up with a better solution that prevents the “Acosta” disruptions from continuing to occur. Moreover, we should have “World Class” press conferences. After all, this is America.

Good Luck,

CityNation Publishing




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