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Introduction - The Democrats DNC Deep State Plot

Introduction - The Democrats DNC Deep State Plot

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Introduction - The Democrats DNC Deep State Plot

The Russians, Chinese, and Deep-State Democrats’ Weapon to Destroy America

Chapter 1, Introduction

This is the disclosure of a secret biological weapon which was developed and weaponized by Russia, with the help of China and the Democrat’s DNC Deep State.

They all have been working together and have already started using this biological weapon to facilitate the transformation and their take-over of the United States government – which is planned to start right after Donald Trump leaves office in 2024.

According to George Soros and the Russians, the Democrats will become elected in 2024 and transform the USA into a Bernie Sander's type government - and China and Russia will begin to marginalize America.

The Chinese will become the leading power in the world. And, the U.S. Dollar will no longer be the world’s currency.

There will be a World Central Bank - controlled by China.

Thus, the USA will be reduced to a second-class country and most of the jobs will be shipped to China and to Russia. This is all part of China’s 100 Year Plan, which was started right after the first George Bush was elected President.

The writer of these disclosures previously worked on many CIA Projects, at the management level. Life-long friendships evolved. One of such friends is currently involved, on a consulting basis, in these episodes which you will read about. As always, he writes a daily log of events.

Fortunately, there is a small circle of patriots and friends in the CIA, NSA, State Department, DOJ, and DOD who are doing their best to prevent the planned overthrow of America.

And, periodically he provides a batch of his daily logs to be published, as long as his identity is not disclosed in any way. These episodes will be published from time to time, as they are received. Usually weekly..

Just some of the interesting facts that we will disclose are …

It all started back in the 1890’s when Petrovich Pavlov discovered that when his assistant just came into the laboratory to feed the dogs, they began to salivate for food. That evolved into a Nobel Prize and a life-long career of scientific research of stimulus and response in dogs and in humans.

Pavlov created what is now known as Pavlovian conditioning: A natural reflex response or behavior to a specific stimulus. Russia continued and expanded his studies – and became the world leader in biological weapons development.

Russia is still the world’s leader in developing biological weapons of war. They have been developing and improving mind-control biological weapons for over 50 years.

The chemtrails that you see in the sky almost every day are just a testing method for later use and dispersion of their K4X-Virus secret biological weapon of mind control.

Russia, China, and the Democrat’s Deep State in America all have the same goal of reducing America to a second-class socialistic government.

Donald Trump invested 2.5 Billion Dollars in the stock market when he became President, and gave management of this money to his children – so he would comply with the financial rules as President.

--- However, Donald is no dummy. If you watch closely, you will notice that he is doing everything he can to make the stock market go higher. Much higher. And, he even says that he will be doing that for all of the time that he is President.

--- As Barack Obama would say, "What’s Trump going to do, wave a magic wand?"

--- You betcha. And, Trump will turn that 2,5 Billion into somewhere between 8 Billion and 12 Billion, not to mention the side-investments that will bring almost 20 Billion – and keep on growing.

But most important, if you are not in the stock market already – you are missing the boat. Big Time.

Republican insiders are planning for Ivanka Trump to run for President, with Michael Pence as Vice-President. They are almost certain that she will win.

Despite his age, Michael Bloomberg will become President and quickly transform the USA into a socialistic government upon being elected as President in 2024. 2000 run for President was just Bloomberg's was done to just organize his team.

Read more …

In the next Chapters, you will learn the origin of the "K4X Virus". And, how it is right now being used on Americans to control their mind. We will disclose who they are. And, you will most likely agree.

In fact, you, yourself, could already be infected by this "K4X Virus." There is no known cure and you will be infected for the rest of your life. There is only one type of test that will show if you are already infected. 

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