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Los Angeles Non-Profit Organization Studies Poor Children

Los Angeles Non-Profit Organization Studies Poor Children

by Administrator on Sep 30, 2011 Home & Family 1133 Views

Explosive Growth of Hispanic Poor Children

Unlike the white children which are 30.5% and the blacks at 26.6%, the population of Hispanic children is regarded as 37.3%. This is nothing less than 6.1 million Hispanic children. The Los Angeles non-profit group confirmed that Hispanics are now the second most populated people in the US. Next to them are African-Americans.

Of the 6.1 million Latino children living in poverty, two-thirds of them – 4.1 million have immigrant parents. Eighty-six percent of the two-thirds of the children were born in America, the non-profit group revealed. The other 2 million poor Latino kids have native US parents. Their study further discovered that this increased number is closely tied to the past recession which hit in 2007. Within the following three years, the number of poor Hispanic children rose to 36.3%. It altered the previous case of the poorest kids in the USA being white. In fact, there was also a slight growth in the number of poor white and black children.

Big causes of the explosive growth among Latino families include unemployment and food insecurity. Eleven percent of Hispanic workers were unemployed compared to the nation unemployment rate of 9.1%. The Los Angeles non-profit study also found that between 2005 and 2009, the household wealth for Latinos experienced a major slide. One-third of Latino households also encountered higher food insecurity. This group confirmed the data while they served food to the poor kids.

Reverend Carlos Paiva, a worshiper at the Angelica Lutheran Church, near downside Los Angeles engages in a bi-weekly charity event. This church provides free supplies of rice, potatoes, beans, onions, and fruits to needy Latino families. He also agreed with the rising number of Latino minors (with the average age of 10) who arrived with their families. Likewise, the CEO of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, Michael Flood during his group's lunch program for poor children noticed a high number of Latino kids. He was worried about them.

Victor Martinez also found this increased number of poor Hispanic children to be alarming and disappointing. He is the director of programming at a non-profit known as Bienester which runs 9 health community centers for Latinos. These centers are located in southern California. He adds that recent immigrants have the most problems as they have limited access to work.




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