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Rochester Carpenter Learns How to Make Money Blogging

Rochester Carpenter Learns How to Make Money Blogging

by Administrator on Oct 22, 2012 Health & Fitness 1004 Views
Rochester Carpenter Learns How to Make Money Blogging


Blogging is gradually becoming a lucrative business as many bloggers and entrepreneurs now see it as a big shot for making money online. Not even this Rochester Carpenter is left behind as he has learned the two main business models for making money blogging. Read on!

Two Business Models of Making Money Blogging

In the world of advertisement, blogging goes a long way in connecting companies and their brands to their target audience. Considering the possibility of making money while blogging, a Rochester Carpenter decided to learn what is involved. He discovered that there are two main business models employed by entrepreneurs when blogging for $$$.

The first (common) model involves getting companies to advertise their brands and services on your blog. The Rochester Carpenter learned that through this model of selling advertising, companies get to connect with the readers of that particular blog. Now, to recruit sponsors, try any of these two things. On the one hand, you can do all the legwork yourself and keep the revenue. On the other hand, you could get someone to do it for you. If you choose the first option, then you'll belong to the group of money making bloggers who sell space through Google's AdSense program. While this program is effortless for you as a blogger, you may soon figure that the money is not as much as you hoped.

In the second model, you can create positive associations between your blog and customers. This improves the image of a single brand and results in some good marketing. Just like the first model, this also brings in a lot of money. But the big trick is getting contacts in that industry or company. To sell advertising directly to companies so that their sponsored links can be on your blog requires connection. This model takes a lot more time, but it is ultimately slightly more lucrative.

Experience in pitching proposals and making good sales will go a long way in helping you rent your blog space to interested companies. Hence, weigh your options. The Rochester Plumber agrees that if you've got contacts in industries that provide services related to your blog's topic, that's good news. Once you have a sizable readership with several months of work, then advertisers will jump in. And that means you can make money blogging.




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