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Louisville Plumber Installs Subrion CMS Software

Louisville Plumber Installs Subrion CMS Software

by Administrator on Sep 17, 2012 Health & Fitness 1612 Views
Louisville Plumber Installs Subrion CMS Software


Subrion CMS is the unique open source management software which combines directory script, publishing packages, auto classified software, yellow pages script, and real estate classified. A Louisville plumber has installed it, and now, his website does not need third- party products.

Subrion CMS Software

Built by ZEND certified engineers, Subrion CMS accommodates your website growth. Not only is it easy to use, but also it has reliable functionality. This software is supported by expert engineers who have created it to be both easy to install and manage.

You can use it with other applications or as a stand-alone application. It serves the purpose of creating entry-level sites, mid-sized, and large sites. Investing in this kind of software comes with the guarantee that you can always grow it further to any level. This Louisville Plumber found the installation pretty easy and has been able to easily manage his website. Subrion CMS reduces or even erases your dependence on third-party products for building a website

HOW TO INSTALL: The first thing to do when installing this software is to run the installation file. It involves typing the URL in your browser. It should include your actual domain name and directory name. Check out this sample: It is key that you replace with your domain name and change the script root directory subrion/ to yours.

Interestingly, the installation has three steps. They include:

  • Pre-installation Check

  • License

  • Configuration

    You can learn more about the installation in our other blogs.




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