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How Floyd Mayweather Uses His Money

How Floyd Mayweather Uses His Money

by Administrator on Sep 30, 2011 Fashion 1213 Views
How Floyd Mayweather Uses His Money

Mayweather's Ever-winning Boxing Tricks

In just one night (September 17th), Floyd Mayweather showed his critics and the entire world that he is made of more stuff than immaturity and naïveté. Despite his age, he has shown that he can win fights against the most aggressive boxers without losing his cool. Mayweather understands that a major trait of an athlete is his ability to find a golden moment and take advantage of it.

Many people dwell on the controversy in the 4th round and lose sight of the actual atmosphere between Mayweather and Ortiz in the ring. Before the drama blew up, was Ortiz in control? Did he execute his game plan? No. Not likely. Guess his mistakes were trying to respect Mayweather and play too safe. These sure earned him jabs, right hands, and frustration. Every time Mayweather gave the right hand “devastation”, fans in the MGM arena went silent, and Floyd grew devastated. Their occasional cheering when Floyd hit Mayweather could be misleading, yet, that was not the true story.

Every boxer hates being hit, and this sure got Ortiz. Only true boxing viewers could figure out that Floyd was losing it. Mayweather blew up some portion of Ortiz' game plan every time he unleashed a right hand. Even though Ortiz' trainer would have us believe otherwise, those punches did hurt. Ortiz gained some courage in the 4th round and tried to land some power shots. However, this only got Mayweather displaying his usual attitude – the smile and head shake. We love it when he shows that Philly style defense that makes him arrogant in a cool way.

Next, all goes blank. We just cannot explain why Ortiz apologized three times, why he landed an intentional head butt, and if Mayweather really sucker-punch his lights out. It remains unknown. Ortiz claimed in an interview that the head butt was deliberate, but then we figure that his face-first hit was accidental. Throughout Mayweather's career, there has not once been a controversy like this one, where Ortiz contradicts himself. Even Larry Merchant had a hard time giving Mayweather a hard time on this one. A boxing newbie sure knows that it was an illegal, deliberate attack.

Irrespective of all the hype, it was clear that Ortiz lost his guard despite his countless hours and months of training. But not Mayweather. He stayed on top of his game and grabbed the moment of confusion he noticed Ortiz struggle with. He was not Joe Cortez' problem either. This fighter just did not bring in his strength.




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