How I Paid Off My $45K Student Loan in One Year & Got a New Girlfriend

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How I Paid Off My $45K Student Loan in One Year & Got a New Girlfriend

They are all reading my NOTICE

I went to UCSB (University of California at Santa Barbara) and by my third year I owed $32,000 in student loans. And, I still didn’t have a girlfriend. I was a business major and was doing pretty good. I wasn’t bad looking. And, girls even liked to talk to me.

One day it finally dawned on me. I was just finishing my third year of college. And when I graduate, I will owe about $45,000 in student loans. To make matters worse. I still don’t have a girlfriend.

Here I am with the highest grade in my business classes and I am in this stupid situation. Now that’s what I call, “dumb.” I am at UCSB, the famous “Party College” and I can’t even get a girl friend?

By now, I was entering my fourth year at UCSB.

Suddenly, what happened next changed my life forever.

I was taking an advanced course in business and the professor told the class that for this entire semester you are all going to work on a practical business project such as “start a new business.” Most of your grade will depend on how good you did in your new business.

I was in a panic. That night, I sat down and decided to use all my business training to solve these 3 major problems in my life. Pay off my soon to be $45,000 Student Loan, get a good girl friend, and start a business. I figured that nobody else has ever had such a big problem like this, all at the same time.

I got on my computer. I was also taking a business advertising class. So, I Googled “home based advertising business opportunity totally free.” I was so lucky - I couldn’t believe it. Up came “CityNation Advertising and BUZZ Marketing System” And, it said, “We provides everything you need, Totally Free.”

So, I clicked on it and was sent to And, here is what it said on the home page:

National Marketing & Sales Director. You sell our Advertising Services to Local Businesses in your area. And, you build a Local and Nation-Wide Marketing & Sales Team. The Team would consist of Local Marketing & Sales Reps and National Marketing Team Managers. You can also include your own Products or Services with your Local Sales and your Marketing Team Sales.

It also described things like: You start by providing Free Full-Page Online Premium Advertising to every business you contact, just to get acquainted. Right Now, anyone with a computer or Smart Phone can start making
$25,000 to over $100,000 per year when you join CityNation-Advertising and start using our BUZZ Marketing System. You work your own desired days and hours from home.

And, if you can visit Local Businesses and provide them the Free Full-Page Online Advertising, you can boost your income between $50,000 to $200,000/year.

So, what are you waiting for? We provide everything you need, Totally Free.

You can join Today, Right Now. Click Here.

I checked on this company and filled out their Application. I phoned the company right away. And it’s all true. They sent me the Starter Kit. I got started in my new business in 3 days.

That solved 2 of my problems: I payed off my student loan in one year and I got started in a new business.

Now, how could I solve the girlfriend problem? First, I told myself that I am a business major – so how would a business manager solve this problem. Bingo! I got the answer right away. I was taking an advertising class and I decided to create the best advertisement ever created.

I immediately went to the college Bulletin Board area where everyone pins their notices. I was all prepared. I sat down and wrote: “NOTICE. “Girl wanted to join a Business Team that will pay off your Student Loan in ONE YEAR, FREE.”

Later that day, I went back to the Bulletin Board area – and there they were. A bunch of girls already reading my Notice. And, they were all writing down my email address. Plus, all good looking too.

And, that’s how I got an A in my advanced business class, started my very profitable national marketing & sales business, bought a big new house, and married my wife.


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