Test of Permissions for Free Article

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Test of Permissions for Free Article


The Customer must be the Owner (or authorized to publish) of all furnished items. We are not allowed to publish any such items unless you are the owner or are authorized to publish the items. All spelling must be correct. In the Text, proper grammar and syntax must be used. Obviously, no bad language should be used. As an extra service, our Editor will review the items you furnish and may make some revisions if necessary. We will email you (or phone you) if we make any revisions.

All information the Customer furnishes is applicable to our Advertising Terms. Basically, this means that we can use all or any part of your data to advertise and promote your business products and services as often as we want, including allowing other organizations to use your data for advertising your business, products, and services. We are not responsible for any typos or errors that you have made. Any errors that we have made, our total obligation is to quickly correct such errors. And, you authorize us to provide and additional services or upgrades to your advertisement without charge and, at any time.


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