How I Started as a CityNation Marketing Representative

by Guest on Feb 4, 2018 Business 14 Views
How I Started as a CityNation Marketing Representative

Three years ago I joined CityNation Publishing as a Local Marketing Representative. I saw their web page and applied. They sent me all kinds of information and training videos. Many times I was on the phone with them to help me get started. I used their free advertisement giveaway to introduce myself to all the local businesses. They really helped me a lot to get started. I built up a pretty good marketing business and made a lot of money. More then I expected.

My wife wanted us to move back to Ohio where she grew up and still has a lot of friends. So, I sold my marketing business for a pretty good profit. My experience with CityNation Publishing was always good. It didn't cost me anything to join and get started. Before I sold my business, the new buyer called CityNation and they gave him the same deal that I got from them. CityNation gives him the same training and support services, just like they gave to me.

When I move to my new house in Ohio, I already made arrangements with CityNation to start again as a Local Marketing Rep. But this time, I am going to also build a National Marketing Team with the help from CityNation. That way, if I ever move again or I want to semi retire, I could again sell my Local Marketing Business for a profit but I will keep my National Marketing Team because it will still keep paying me a weekly income. This way, I can work when I want. And, go fishing when I want to. What a deal. Try it. You won't be disappointed. You can make a lot of money if you want to.

Robert Butler

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